The Team

Tjarnargatan is a team of talented individuals who make dreams come true. Some dream of being a rock star and some of road safety but what brings us together with our clients is an excitement for what we do. We’re a small team and each have a different expertise. One of our strengths is that know each other well and work closely to produce the most creative and effective way to communicate an idea. And we have fun doing it. Seriously – Casual Fridays have nothing on our Dress Up as a Spice Girl Tuesdays.

Addi Atlondres

Founder / Creative Director / Director

Addi Atlondres has two names, because one is not enough. Addi, or Arnar as he is known on his tax forms, thrives best when he is working on 3 to 4 projects at the same time. His mind is always on, like the Icelandic summer sun. We’ve never seen or even heard of him sleeping. No project leaves the office without Addi (and Arnar’s) seal of approval – ensuring that everything we put out is doubly as amazing as the midnight summer sun.

Atli Þór Einarsson

Cinematographer / Editor / Director

Atli never has a bad hair day. You could say that his perfectly groomed hair is a simile for his beautiful and intricate work. A Michelangelo type perfectionist – chisel, paintbrush or Adobe – no matter what Atli takes on, he always makes it work. And like Michelangelo, the ninja turtle, he loves pizza. Not really, he really really likes healthy food. It keeps his hair shiny. And he talks about it a lot. Just call if you want to have a chat about avocados. Anytime.

Baldvin Albertsson

Director / Creative / Copywriter

Baldvin is a time traveller stuck in the 21st century. Fortunately for us, somewhere between Sumerian times and the bit where Mr Darcy got out of the pond, he ran out of fuel and had to come back. Baldvin directs and writes, sometimes he even directs something that he’s written. He’s excellent at all of those things.

Berglind Pétursdóttir

Hugmyndavinna / Textar / Tenglun

Berglind er eini starfandi hugmyndasmíðandi copy-skrifandi dagskrárgerðar-samfélagsmiðla-dansarinn í bransanum í dag. Eftirspurnin eftir slíku fólki er gríðarleg þessi misserin, enda mikilvægt að hafa einstakling innan fyrirtækisins sem getur bæði útskýrt hlutina í myndum og máli og svo auðvitað í dansi. Berglind er einnig sérfræðingur í samskiptum og heldur viðskiptavinum okkar í heljargreipum mjög upplýsandi og skemmtilegra tölvupósta og símtala.

Einar Ben

CEO / Founder / Creative

Einar holds the record for most emails sent and phone calls made at the same time – whilst doing one armed press-ups and eating ramen noodles. When he is not on the phone he is running across town to meetings, pitching ideas and flirting with clients. Our very own Captain Fantastic, Einar keeps us inspired and steers us in the right direction.

Einar Eyland

Gísli Brynjólfsson

Art direction / Editor / Graphics / Color Correction

G.Thors, as he is known in the office, shares his name with the Viking god of Thunder. Our G.Thors wields his enchanted hammer to correct colour and protect mankind from bad fonts. He uses his powers for good, fixing our videos with his magic touch. Between saving the world and working for us, he is also the singer in the legendary band Chinese Joplin.

Gunnar Anton Guðmundsson (Ganton)

Cinematographer / Editor

Ganton speaks seven languages but only understands three of them. He studied cinematography in the Czech Republic. Many Oscar-winning cinematographers come from the Czech Republic so we have high hopes. Ganton is a natural and produces outstanding work for us.

Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson

Editor / D.O.P.

Inga Óskarsdóttir

Handritshöfundur og framleiðandi


Kári Jóhannsson

Editor / Sound

Kári is our sound man and editor and the only one at Tjarnargatan to have his own personal office. He says he needs sound isolation to work but the truth is we’ve walked in on him more than once singing and dancing full throttle to Justin Bieber. Despite his guilty secret, he is a great musician and member of legendary band Chinese Joplin and he uses his musical talent to make all our videos sound incredible.

Magnús Ingvar Bjarnason

Cinematographer / Editor

Magnús, known as Maggi, is the unofficial office handyman, so whenever we encounter construction problems, he gets out his tool-belt. As well as being handy with a hammer, Maggi is a fantastic cameraman and editor.

Orri Freyr Rúnarsson

Creative / Account Manager

Formerly a host on XRadio, in the mornings “Orri on the X” wakes up the office by talking into a banana (he thinks it passes for a mic) and playing heavy metal. Orri can develop any idea into a good one and his social skills are second to none. He once revived a fish using CPR. The fish is eternally grateful and continues to live a wonderful life in Switzerland.

Rakel Dögg Bragadóttir

Operations Manager

Rakel is the only person at Tjarnargatan who can say she was the captain of the Icelandic national handball team without lying. Now she’s our office captain (she made us get her a hat) we’d be lost without her, and a lot less informed about handball. A true sportswoman, Rakel is unstoppable, handling sales, regularly producing on projects and coaching the under 14s handball team in her spare time.

Róbert Magnússon

Skapti Magnús Birgisson

Director of Photography

Skapti is a living dichotomy – being both the youngest and the longest serving member of staff at Tjarnargatan. Skapti has experience in all major areas of production and has directed many projects, excelling at cinematography. He keeps the old people in the office on their toes, keeping them up-to-date with youth culture. If it weren’t for him, we’d still be playing with Yoyos and feeding our Tamagotchi.

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