We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented musicians Iceland has to offer over the years. Whether we are working together on ideas or producing, these projects are where the artistic freedom is really let loose on both sides of the table and is always rewarding work.


We produce ads of all shapes and sizes, in cooperation with companies in all shapes and sizes. Whether we are working on the project from the beginning, in the middle or in post-production, we are always working towards the same goal: To make a memorable ad that both parties can be proud of.


In a world of endless new technologies and social media it can be important to be constantly trying out new things and taking advantage of that technology in advertising. The technology can bring the viewer closer to the content in a personal and memorable way.


We produce all kinds of content every year that are as diverse as the weather in Iceland. Videos for social media, promotional videos, informational videos, events and much much more.


Whether it is a compilation video of conferences, internal marketing for companies, interviews or something different in that area, we always put the Tjarnargatan stamp on it so everyone can be proud of the outcome.